Acquiring passive income

Wondering if acquiring passive income is something you need? Let me help you figure it out.

Here is my definition of passive income: Money that is earned with minimal to no effort from your part.

Sometimes, it can mean putting in the effort (time or money) upfront to set up an automated system that generates money with little to no effort on your part in the future.

Passive income can be the solution to all your financial problems, but believe it or not, I have had people tell me that acquiring passive income is not something that they need. Well I think that depends on the amount of money coming in.

Here’s why passive income is so great.

1. It gives you 100% control of your work hours. In a country like Nigeria, this is a huge deal

2. It’s nice to have an extra source of income.

3. It allows you to work from anywhere, and at any time.

4. If you are smart about your method of acquiring passive income, it is a gateway to financial freedom.

5. It can save you time to better spend with your loved ones.

6. Finally, and this is my personal favorite: It gives you time to pursue your dreams/ heart desires. I’m a job satisfaction advocate so its no surprise that this is my personal favorite.

Does any of the above appeal to you? If your answer is yes and your current job doesn’t provide it, then I’ve got news for you…

You NEED passive income.

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