The business opportunity

Let me be upfront about 2 things.

First is that the platform I am promoting for this business is Network Marketing (NM). A lot of people would not touch a NM opportunity with a ten foot pole. And I don’t blame them.

This is because a lot of folks have been hoodwinked by multiple ponzi schemes and other forms of get rich fast programmes in the past.

They don’t know that NM is nothing like any of the above and is actually a proven business model that works and a lot of notable Entrepreneurs including Donald Trump, Ray Higdon, Bill Gates, Eric Worre, etc, thinks so too.

However this post is not about the credibility of NM. It is about business opportunities.

The second thing is, I know it boldly says passive income but this doesn’t mean you will not have to put in some work. What it means is, you come on board, put in some work and watch the money flow in from the works of your works. Its kind of like a ripple effect.

PS: If you are looking for an opportunity where you get a truck load of cash without doing absolutely anything first, then I am afraid this post is not for you and you can stop reading right now.

Now that that’s out of the way…

I have two opportunities to share with you.

Business 1
Join a community of product users which comprise of individuals taking advantage of the NM space. All you have to do is switch your brand of daily consumables and tell people to do the same.

That’s right. Daily consumables. This means that these products are not useless. They are things that you already use everyday. So why not get paid for it?

Sweetest thing is that it’s as simple as making a purchase. You pick the products you need, pay for them and you are in. You start earning money when you get a minimum of two people to do the same thing.

You earn directly or indirectly. Your direct earnings comes when you get people to switch their brands. And you earn indirectly when those people do the same thing, AKA passive income as it doesn’t come from your direct effort.

Benefits of joining the team;

a. You get your moneys worth of products as you join. So worst case scenario, you buy some products, use it and that’s that. If you think about it, no matter how this opportunity turns out, you can’t come out losing.

b. You don’t have to sell anything because like I said, the products are basically what you are already using daily. It would only be a matter of switching brands.

c. Repeat purchases are not required to earn. This means as long as you bring people in, or the people you bring in also bring people in, you earn.

Your earnings are calculated based on your entry level (purchase size). The higher your entry level, the higher your earnings.

At this point, it is necessary to reiterate that this is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s an investment for your and your loved ones. Yes, I do encourage people to get their family members on board too.

We all know how the economy is, so I need not tell you how important it is to secure your children’s future.

This business has a potential to earn you money on a weekly basis, qualify you for all expense paid trips world wide, earn you car and house funding, qualify you for scholarships and a lot more incentives. The company is able to afford all this from the profits made from direct sales.

Now don’t get me wrong, these are all performance based incentives and all of these will not exactly fall at your feet the day after you come on board. Please run from anyone who promises you that.

However, you would be trained and groomed on how to maximize your earnings in the business as you would have unrestricted access to my Mentorship and training programme.

Method 2-
This requires no start up capital. Yup. You heard that right. You need zero capital. However, you do need some selling serious selling skills. Here is how it works.

This method involves becoming a real estate consultants. here too, you can earn either directly or indirectly.

You earn directly when you sell as you get a certain percentage of what you sell. However, in order for you to earn passively, that is without selling real estate properties, you need to introduce a realtor to the business.

When that realtor sells a property for any of our companies, you get paid as well as as the person. Your commission being independent of your realtors own.

So basically, as long as you or someone you bring to the business sells, you get paid. Easy right? Well, Not exactly.

I’ll go ahead and put another disclaimer here. This is not a fold-your-hands-and-get-money-tomorrow business. Selling a property is hard work. But if you know what you are doing or work with someone who will show you the way, this is a fast way to financial freedom.

Ready to make a smart decision and earn that much needed extra cash?

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